About PR BBCooks Nordics Apollo

Date of Birth: 7/1/14

Red and white, blue-eyed, small standard. Factor VII clear. Standing at stud.

Apollo is a handsome devil with who sires outgoing puppies that love people.

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Karpos as his name implies is extremely handsome and friendly. He is grey and white blue eyed small miniature. Fully health tested.

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Helios is a regal and affectionate boy. He is a miniature blue eyed cutie. Fully health tested.

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Ulysses is the most loving outgoing Klee Kai. He is a black and white double blue eyed standard. Fully health tested.

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Eros is a red and white green/amber eyed miniature stud. He is goofy and very loving. Fully health tested.

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Mr. Big Fluff

Mr. Big Fluff

Mr Big Fluff is a black and white blue eyed miniature. He loves to talk. He will tell you all about everything. He also loves to lay over my lap while I pet his belly. Fully health tested.

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Male - PAX - Alaskan Husky


Pax is a stunning boy with his thick coat and eye-catching good looks. He complements that with one of the most outgoing, friendly personalities possible. He is standard in size. Fully health-tested.

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