Our Male Alaskan Klee Kai Adults

Studs and Buds

Nordic Mini Huskies’ champion studs showcase the breed standard for the Alaskan Klee Kai. All our fathers showcase the beauty, intelligence, and loyalty that the Alaskan Klee Kai is known for.

Are you looking for a furry friend who’s past their puppy years but still full of love? Meet our retired Alaskan Klee Kai parents!

I am always excited to meet all the many diverse puppies they father. Together with our leading ladies, they will parent new generations of lifelong companions.

For more information on studs or Alaskan Klee Kai puppies for adoption, give me a call today (1-951-258-6850).

Please witness their beauty below.

Male - PAX - Alaskan Husky


Pax is a stunning boy with his thick coat and eye-catching good looks. He complements that with one of the most outgoing, friendly personalities possible. He is standard in size. Fully health-tested.

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Mr. Big Fluff

Mr. Big Fluff

Mr Big Fluff is a black and white blue eyed miniature. He loves to talk. He will tell you all about everything. He also loves to lay over my lap while I pet his belly. Fully health tested.

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Eros is a red and white green/amber eyed miniature stud. He is goofy and very loving. Fully health tested.

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Ulysses is the most loving outgoing Klee Kai. He is a black and white double blue eyed standard. Fully health tested.

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Helios is a regal and affectionate boy. He is a miniature blue eyed cutie. Fully health tested.

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Karpos as his name implies is extremely handsome and friendly. He is grey and white blue eyed small miniature. Fully health tested.

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Retired Dads

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