Our Puppy Love Stories

Meet Some of my Nordic Mini Huskys that have been Successfully Adopted!

As the name implies, the Alaskan Klee Kai looks just like a miniature Husky! Through careful breeding, the special markings, shapes, and eye color of the Alaskan Husky (and its cousin, the Siberian Husky) were passed down, while the size of the dog was slowly reduced across the generations.

They are approximately a foot to a foot-and-a-half tall, and their small size combined with their thick coats makes them the perfect cuddle buddy.  As a dog breeder, dog shower, and avid pet lover, I breed dogs that exhibit the best aspects of the breed’s appearance and temperament. I care for each pup individually, so it grows up healthy, beautiful, playful, and loving.

All puppies are health-checked, micro-chipped, and receive up-to-date vet visits, so they are ready to come to your home. Learn more about this rare breed and contact me today to reserve your puppy!

I am a small dog breeder in California that fell in love with the Alaskan Klee Kai in 2007. I wanted to only breed the best, so I found a kennel that offered some of the best dogs in our breed. After waiting a year, I finally brought home my first Klee Kaia black-and-white toy-size girl who I named Keleah.

Next came Jordan, my grand champion!  My dogs are indoor/outdoor dogs, so let me tell you it is a full house. This keeps my kennel small, but it does not take a lot of dogs to produce a championjust good breeding technique.

Kennel Health

I take my dogs out usually every day to feed my horses (off leash), and they get to run and play outside for 15 to 30 minutes a day.  I have started to run every day (about 5 miles), and they do quite well at this too. They do not tend to bark unless someone is at my house, but they do talk some when I get home, to tell me of their day.  They get along great with my nieces and nephews, as well as with my 3 cats.

Successful Adoption Stories

Alaskan Klee Kai Adoption- Enya

Ever since I laid eyes on my first Klee Kai, I knew I had to have one in my life. I did extensive research on the breed & breeders, and landed on Nordic Mini Huskys. Any parent of a Nordic pup will wholeheartedly agree that Brenda is not someone who just breeds pups as a job – she genuinely loves each and every one of her dogs, and works so hard to find them the perfect home. Though the wait was long, I can’t think of something more worth the wait than my little baby 🙂 Brenda was very responsive to my emails and questions, and chose the perfect pup for us. It’s been about a month since I picked up my pup, and I think I’ve learned to love more than I’ve ever loved before! My pup is silly, sweet, smart, and incredibly loving. It brings me so much joy to watch her grow and learn as each day passes. Thank you, Brenda, for bringing this bundle of joy into my life! 


Kali (8/3/2013) and Kobi (2/7/2015) have been an amazing addition to our family since day one. I remember flying from CT to CA to pick up my first Klee Kai (Kali). Poor Brenda had received probably over 40 emails from me prior to flying. But I remember looking into my new puppy’s blue eyes for the first time. She was a very timid girl at first but we flew back together on a Red Eye and knew our lives together would change. She is my sidekick that is just as smart as her momma. She has been with me through my hard and loving times. She reminds me that it’s bedtime and gets mad if I stay up too late. Then a few years later we introduced our overly loving boy Kobi. He was such a talker that we decided to fly him by himself. And OMG is he a love bug!! Kobi has brought Kali outside her comfort zone and is more friendly. He loves to tell us his stories from the day and if we don’t listen to him – he will repeat them. If you don’t like kisses – he is not your type. He has to be sleeping on my head every night and sometimes he likes to ensure I have good balance. He joined us a month before our wedding we couldn’t have asked for a better gift. He made us feel like a complete family. However, it wasn’t until we had our first human child that I realized Kali’s “nannylike” and Kobi’s “sharklike” personalities. Kali always made us know if their new human sidekick had a dirty diaper or was hungry. She watched her like a hawk and sometimes rocked her crib. Kobi on the other hand loved when she started eating and always surfed for the food to be dropped. These two pups have been amazing with our baby human (now almost 3) and have accepted her into the pack. We are extremely grateful every day for Brenda who gave us two amazing potty trained Klee Kai that have brought so much love into our lives.


Alaskan Klee Kai Adoption- Brie
Alaskan Klee Kai Adoption- Nova

Floki Gustaf is turning 4 years old on November 1st. His mum was Nyx and his pop was Adonis. He is the best behaved. I take him everywhere with me; he goes in the store and will ride perfectly in a cart. He has filled my life with such joy – not to mention how beautiful he is to look at! Everyone always wants to talk to us and ask questions about him. I have lost count of how many people have taken pictures of him. He is the absolute best.


Words can’t TRULY describe how I feel about my little guy Flynn Rider but I’m going to give it a shot. The first time I saw an Alaskan Klee Kai was in Sacramento, CA on a business trip. I spoke to the owners to find out everything I could about the amazing dog in front of me. After that I learned two things; this was the right dog breed for me and the best place to find one was Nordic Mini Huskies. More than 10 years later… I decided it was time to finally got once in my life (even as a kid) to have a dog in my family. I turned to the internet for Klee kai breeders and… what a nightmare! Then I remembered something about Nordic Mini Huskies and found Brenda. She understood my reservations about long-distance adoptions and worked with me at every step. She made sure I was comfortable but at the same time was fully prepared to have one of her little guys in my life. I thought I knew exactly what traits I wanted in my Klee Kai physically and what temperament I needed in my house for this to work. What I got from Brenda was 1000 times more than what I thought was right. She picked the sweetest most loving little red and white mini for me and I can’t even imagine my life without him now. I will never own any other type of dog and I will only go to Brenda for any additional members of my family.


Alaskan Klee Kai Adoption- Ronda
Alaskan Klee Kai Adoption- Tessa

I adopted my Klee Kai from Brenda in 2018. I could NOT have had a better experience. Brenda was quick to communicate and very thorough with vetting me before she let me take one of her Klee Kai home. This made me feel very confident in her because it showed how much she cared about the lives of her dogs and that she wanted to be sure I would be a good pet owner. Additionally, Brenda met me at the airport when I flew to get my dog, which was really kind of her and made the process so easy for me considering I was coming in from out of town. Luckily, I passed the test and brought home my new best friend! My dog, Colgate, has such a great temperament. He’s very social and great with children and other dogs. He was easy to train, and I am CONSTANTLY complimented on his beauty. I plan to adopt another Klee Kai from Brenda once I move into a house with a big backyard for the two to play with. I would recommend no other breeder to purchase from. Her love for her dogs is evident in her videos and in the quality of the puppies she breeds!


I researched the Klee Kai breed for 9 years. Within that first year, I knew Brenda would be the breeder I got my baby from. Brenda made herself available for advice from the moment of inquiry and beyond. It really helped me prepare for the day I took my baby home. If I ever have a question, she’s ready to answer. One of best pieces of advice she gave me was, “When you meet the litter, see which puppy picks you.” I met my baby on December 5th, 2020 and it changed my life forever. I walked in to meet a litter of rambunctious puppies. I was playing with an adorable little girl who was tumbling all over the place. I was about to choose her, until I heard a whiny cry behind me. I looked over to see a beautiful black and white little boy staring at me, asking to be picked up. When he started climbing on me, I remebered Brenda’s words, and realized I had just been chosen by this little angel to be his human. I got to hold and bond with him for a few hours after that. He napped on me while I asked questions and recieved advice that prepared me for his first days home.

Tyr is a little dog with a big personality. He’s a well rounded citizen one moment, and a mischievous little bandit the next. Every day when I come home from work, I’m greeted with happy screams and a full conversation about his day. His favorite thing in the world is swimming in our pool. Tyr is a water dog through and through. When he’s not swimming, he’s boxing. Seriously, he uses his paws to throw punches and we play fight with him. If Tyr was a human (which he thinks he is) he would be that hyper kid in the classroom who can’t be quiet, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s no loneliness with this dog in my life to play with and talk to. I love him with all of my heart. I taught Tyr all his commands in Spanish and English. Many people are surprised to meet a mini husky, let alone one who is bilingual. I live in a dog-friendly town so he goes pretty much everywhere with me; from my job at the barbershop, to the store to pick up groceries.

Tyr lives with 3 other dogs, a Chihuahua, a Chi-Pug, and a Pitbull mix. He was a perfect edition to our pack. Tyr is my first Klee Kai, but not my last, there will be more Nordic Mini Huskys joining my pack as time rolls on. I’m an NMH parent forever.


Alaskan Klee Kai Adoption - Karel
Alaskan Klee Kai Adoption - Victor

We became interested in the Alaskan Klee Kai breed when my 5-year old daughter and I encountered a couple who had two such dogs. The dogs were very friendly to my daughter, who immediately fell in love with them. She had been asking me for a Husky for several years but, I didn’t think the breed requirements fit our family living situation (eg.  House with fenced yard, heavy exercise needs, etc).

When we saw how my daughter responded to the Alaskan Klee Kais, I thought this could be the dog for her. I started researching the breed, including rescue possibilities, and came upon Brenda of Nordic Mini Huskys. She had me complete a comprehensive questionnaire about our dog preferences, lifestyle, how the puppy would integrate into our household, etc. 8 months later, she matched us with Snowball.

We’ve been so pleased with our puppy. Her temperament matched my daughter’s personality, and it turns out Snowball enjoys road trips and exploring new places, just like we do. Brenda has been available to answer all of our “first time” dog owner questions, and have been very supportive. We are so glad that we decided to get a Klee Kai through Nordic Mini Huskys. Snowball has brought so much joy to our home.


Affectionate, sweet, intelligent and curious, Louie has brought so much love back into our lives. He is everything we dreamed of in a furry companion and more.

Raising a well-behaved puppy can initially feel like a lot, but having an anxious, in-bred, fearful puppy can be an absolutely exhausting and never ending nightmare. Louie is well behaved. In fact, he goes with me in a baby sling to the bank, market and doctor’s office.  This is why Brenda spends all the time, energy, passion and scientific rigor to her breeding program.  Yes, her AKK’s are gorgeous, but she doesn’t just breed for a pretty face. She breeds for temperament, ie: sociability and train-ability. Louie is my 4th puppy and he is by far my easiest and most relaxed.

When Brenda told me that her puppies usually sleep through the night, it didn’t even register. Sure enough, Louie sleeps through the night. When she told me her puppies arrive almost potty trained, again, it didn’t register. Impossible, I thought. Sure enough, Louie uses his litter box or he sits at the backdoor to let me know he needs to go outside. At 12 weeks, this is unheard of, and it is testament to the integrity and commitment with which Brenda breeds these beautiful animals. Her puppies are well cared for and clearly given the kind of formative attention necessary for their little nervous systems and GI tracts to develop as nature intended without fear of abandonment or clingy disposition, traits common in pups, and human babies for that matter, that don’t get the kind of early love and support they require to grow into good little citizens.

Louie is playful, silly and inquisitive. He is a good eater and produces what I call “perfect poos” ie: easy to clean up! Thank you Brenda!

I recommend Brenda without hesitation and am proud to be a member of her pack.


Klee Kai Testimonials - Michelle

Our journey to bringing home our Klee Kai puppy, Winter, from Brenda at Nordic Mini Husky, turned into such a blessing. I am grateful we had the opportunity to meet Brenda in person and witness her immense dedication to her dogs. All of her time is dedicated to them, leaving her little time for anything else. And of course her greatest love is her dogs! She is constantly on the move in caring for them, training them, playing with them and I could see that it was all a labor of love as they are treated as family.

As soon as we set foot in Brenda’s home, we were blown away by her hospitality. She warmly invited us to stay in her home so that we could more easily take the next flight out the next day. All her dogs live in the home with her and it was such a delight to meet the parents and play with the puppies. Jason and I especially loved Brighten, he is a special needs dog that just is such a fun and cute character that we won’t forget. It was great to get to know Brenda those couple of days and she is just such a genuine person!
Brenda took the time to patiently answer our questions and shared invaluable insights into the Klee Kai breed. We realized that her primary focus had been on ensuring her puppies go to loving forever homes and she often would turn down applicants she was unsure of.

Bringing Winter home has been an absolute dream. Brenda’s utilization of Puppy Culture as a training tool proved to be remarkable. We are full-time RVers and are out in nature constantly. Winter displayed remarkable fearlessness, unafraid of triggers that typically affect many dogs, such as thunder, gunshots, other dogs, and going out in public. Her bravery was inspiring, except when it came to one comical exception: the vacuum cleaner. We’re working on that. She is good natured and very loving. She has no food aggression and gladly will share with other dogs.

One aspect that truly stood out was that Brenda continued to care deeply about Winter’s well-being even after we got her home. In fact, she gave us invaluable advice before our first emergency vet visit, which ended up saving us thousands of dollars. Brenda’s genuine concern for Winter’s health truly touched our hearts.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Brenda for the incredible experience she provided us. Her commitment to the Klee Kai breed shines through every facet of her work. If you’re considering adding an Alaskan Klee Kai like Winter to your family, Nordic Mini Husky comes with our heartfelt recommendation. Brenda’s passion and dedication have not only granted us a wonderful companion but also a glimpse into the depth of love these dogs deserve.

Jennifer and Jason

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