Our Female Alaskan Klee Kai Adults

The Nordic Mini Husky ladies are the proud mothers and impeccable show dogs that continue to advance the breed.

Of all my beautiful females, some are already champions and even grand champions, while others are training hard to win the title. I have raised each dog from a puppy, so I am familiar with their attitudes and temperaments, allowing me to bond with them and train them. This also gives me an understanding of each of their personalities.

The females’ colors and patterns vary across the possible shades, though each one shows the sought-after markings and healthy physique of a proud show dog.

Grand Champions and Loving Friends

Each one of the girls (and any of their puppies) could be a grand champion. They are already loyal, clever, and affectionate companions. I look forward to seeing great things from all of them, and caring for their adorable puppies just as I did for them.

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DOB: 2/14/16

 Black and white, blue-eyed mini. Phoebe is a stunning dog. Health-tested. She is the daughter of Fortuna and Apollo, so she gets her beauty from both sides of her pedigree. She is loving, intelligent and adventurous. Look for her in the ring, working towards her Grand Champion status.

Grand Champion PR Nordics

DOB: 9/9/10

Black and white, bi-eyed Mini. Factor VII clear. Fully health-tested.
Athena is a wonderful mom and leader of my pack. She is fearless and outgoing.

PR Nordics

Black and white, blue-eyed standard. Factor VII clear. Fully health tested.
Diana is an absolute joy to be around. She loves everyone, and makes them all feel right at home when people come to visit. She produced a grand champion daughter in her first litter.

DOB: 12/22/11

PR Nordics

DOB: 11/13/14

Grey and white, bi-eyed toy. Factor VII clear. Health-tested.
Felicity is the daughter of Nyx, so she inherited her beauty and thick soft coat. She is very outgoing and can be sassy at times. Loves to talk like her mom, go for car rides, and chase birds.

Champion PR Nordics

DOB: 5/28/13

Stunning grey and white, brown-eyed standard. Factor VII clear. Fully health-tested.
Fortuna is a stunning girl with a beautiful personality. She took Best of Show on her only attempt in 2016. She loves to talk, and sleeps on me at night. She loves to chase rabbits too.

PR Nordics

DOB: 2/9/15

Grey and white, double-blue-eyed standard. Factor VII clear. Health-tested.
Hermonia is a daughter of Jordan and Diana. She is goofy like her dad, and loves people and new things. She loves to cuddle all night long. She has never met a stranger she didn’t like.


DOB: 7/19/13

Grey and white, bi-eyed, small mini. Factor VII clear. Fully health-tested.
Nyx is a beauty for sure. She has a very soft and thick coat. She loves to run and play with all her friends. She is a talker, and lets you know all about her day. She has beautiful babies with great temperaments. She will be showing to attain her Grand Champion status.


DOB: 4/28/16

Grey and white, blue-eyed, standard. Factor VII clear. Health-tested. Irene is a feisty girl with eyes that captivate. She loves to run and play. At night, though, she loves to cuddle. She is the daughter of Pepo and Apollo. Look for her in the show ring, too.


DOB: 9/27/16

Black and white, blue-eyed toy. Factor VII clear. Health-tested. Victoria is a little pistol of a girl. She loves to be sassy and talk back to me. She also runs like the wind. But at night she is a cuddler too, loving to sleep on my belly. She is the daughter of Felicity and Ares.