A good puppy owner will want to share everything with their dog, but some foods can be very dangerous for Klee Kai puppies. In this article, we will go through the ingredients, compounds, and edibles you should avoid to help you keep your dog happy and healthy. We will also cover everything you need to know about dealing with accidental poisoning and go through a few useful resources to give you a little peace of mind if they accidentally eat something they shouldn’t. So, let’s get started!

Which Foods and Ingredients are Poisonous for Klee Kai Dogs?

It’s essential to understand what dogs can and cannot eat so you can keep your Klee Kai puppy safe. If you want to know what to feed your Klee Kai to keep it healthy and happy, here’s a complete list with some additional ideas. The list below covers foods, ingredients, substances, and objects you might have lying around in your house that can be highly toxic to your pet. We’ve divided them into different types so you can check the lists more easily. 

Klee Kai Poisonous Ingredients and Foods

Some foods and ingredients you might consider safe for your dog are actually incredibly dangerous, particularly for Klee Kai puppies. Here’s a list of items you should definitely avoid because they can harm your dog:

Poisonous food for Klee Kai digs: Fake sugars.

Fake sugars

Fake sugars like Xylitol can be highly toxic to your Klee Kai. In fact, feeding your puppies this ingredient can cause hyperglycemia, dysfunction in the liver, and even kill them, so this is a huge NO. You can usually find fake sugars in sugar-free items like gum, tic-tacs, breath mints, diet drinks, toothpaste, and most sugar substitutes. 

Poisonous food for Klee Kai digs: Avocado.


Avocados are a popular food choice among many people, but they are one of the worst things you can give your Klee Kai puppy. The reason is that they contain a compound called persin, which can cause severe allergies in dogs (usually accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting). Persin is not just present in the fruit itself but also in the seeds, leaves, and bark of the plant – so it’s best not to keep one in your garden either. 

Poisonous food for Klee Kai digs: Chocolate.


Cholate contains theobromine, a molecule that can increase blood flow to the brain. This component is particularly dangerous for dogs because they cannot process it. Therefore, chocolate is poisonous to Klee Kais and something you should never feed to a dog. Even smaller doses can cause seizures and other dangerous symptoms!

Don't feed your Klee Kai dog marrow bones

Marrow Bones

Marrow bones are a big no for a Klee Kai diet! The reason is that these types of bones can break your dog’s teeth! If you want to feed them to them, make sure the second they get the middle out and start to chew on the bone itself, you take it away. A safer alternative is beef knuckle bones or neck bones, which you can feed your Klee Kai as snacks.

Other foods and ingredients:

  • Grapes and raisins: All raisins are bad for dogs because they can make them vomit. Prolonged consumption can also cause liver failure in your Klee Kai puppy. 
  • Onions and garlic: Be careful with feeding your dog anything containing onions or garlic. These ingredients can destroy your puppy’s red blood cells and result in anemia. Look out for signs your dog has consumed them; if you notice any vomiting, breathing issues, or weakness, call your vet immediately. 
  • Other foods and ingredients: Cooked bones of any kind (except raw bones, which are fine) and macadamia nuts are also best avoided. 

Klee Kai Poisonous Substances

Some substances can be very toxic for dogs and put your puppy’s health at risk. These include:

Poisonous food for Klee Kai digs: Medications.

Aspirin and Medications

Always keep your meds in a cupboard, NEVER on your counter! You will discover your Klee Kai can jump up there without a problem, so make sure any aspirin or pills are out of reach.

Caffeine, alcohol, and marihuana

These are all things you should never give to your dog. If pets (cats or dogs) ingest any caffeine, it can take only 30 minutes for the toxicity to reach peak concentrations in the bloodstream. Synthos can include restlessness, agitation, vomiting, panting, and seizures. Call your vet immediately if you suspect your Klee Kas has ingested any of these. 

Klee Kai Poisonous Objects

Lastly, some things you have in your house can be risky for dogs, too. For instance:
  • Plants: A lot of house plants and outdoor plants can be toxic and poisonous to Klee Kai dogs. Here is the link to the complete reference toxic plants: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/dogs-plant-list.
  • Other objects: There are many chewable things that can also poison your Klee Klai dog. These include batteries, toys with small parts, and fabric softener sheets. Always keep these objects stored away and out of reach (remember, puppies are very curious!).

In Case you Do Have an Accidental Ingestion

Remember: Your Klee Kai will try to eat anything they can reach, even on counters. The best way to avoid accidental ingestion is just to keep any potentially harmful ingredients and objects away from them. 

If you think your dog has eaten something dangerous, call your vet and ask them whether what they ingested can pose any risks. 

If you think your dog has eaten something poisonous, call your vet or a helpline immediately. For example, xylitol toxicity can produce lethargy, seizures, and liver failure, so make sure you keep an eye on your puppy and observe how it’s behaving.

If you think your dog might be in danger, you can also reach out to these organizations:

  • ASPCA Poison Control Hotline: 888-426-4436
  • National Pet Poison Helpline: 800-213-6680

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