Puppy Culture

When it comes to raising happy, healthy, and well-adjusted Klee Kai puppies, Brenda at Nordic Mini Huskys knows that early socialization and training are crucial. That's why she uses Puppy Culture, a comprehensive puppy-rearing program that helps to give her puppies the best possible start in life.

Puppy Culture is a program developed by Jane Killion, a renowned dog trainer, author, and breeder. The program is based on the latest research in canine behavior and development and focuses on building a strong foundation of positive experiences during the puppy's critical developmental period. The program includes socialization, training, and enrichment activities designed to help puppies grow up to be confident, resilient, and well-behaved dogs.

At Nordic Mini Huskys, Brenda implements the Puppy Culture program from the moment the puppies are born. They are exposed to a variety of stimuli and experiences, including different surfaces, sounds, and smells. They are also introduced to crate training and house training, setting them up for success in their new homes.

Brenda knows that early socialization is key to raising well-adjusted puppies. That's why she provides her puppies with plenty of positive experiences involving people, other animals, and new environments. She takes her puppies on car rides, regular stroller outings to the park, pet stores, and other public places, giving them opportunities to experience different sights, sounds, and smells.

The Puppy Culture program also focuses on building strong bonds between puppies and their new families. Brenda provides her new puppy owners with personalized support to make sure the new puppy can adjust to their new environment and provides direction to resources to help continue with their training.