Adult Male Alaskan Klee Kai:

Nordic Mini Huskies’ champion studs showcase the breed standard for Alaskan Klee Kai’s.  The grand champion stud, ‘PR’ Kika’s Jordan leads the way for many more generations of winners, and continues to father beautiful puppies with gentle loving personalities.  ‘PR’ CH Alascos Non Dalton is the newest addition to the exceptional studs, winning his championship after just 2 shows.  He is on his way to grand champion status, and I look forward to seeing many adorable puppies from him as well.
Between Kika’s lustrous white and grey coat and startling blue eyes, and Alascos’ white and black patterns with brown eyes, I look forward to seeing many diverse puppies.  Together with our leading ladies, they will parent new generations of winners in the ring and lifelong companions at home.
Check back often to see the new puppies from Alascos or Kika and contact me to get the perfect color, eye color and gender combination.  For more information on studs or Alaskan Klee Kai puppies for adoption, give me a call today. 



Nordic Mini Huskys Foundation stud - Jordan

DOB 1/29/2009 Gray and White, Blue eyed, Red factored, Factor VII clear, standard male. Produces quality puppies that have extremely friendly and out going personalities. Standing at stud. He has passed his healh testing for OFA Cardiac, Patella, and Thyroid, and CERF for eyes.

Jordan’s Pedigree

‘PR’ CH Alascos Non Dalton


Dalton reached Champion status in just 2 shows. He is currently working towards his Grand Champion starting this Summer. Way to go Dalton!

Dalton’s Pedigree

Nordics Apollo


Apollo is a red and white, double blue eyed standard.  He is a beautiful dog and passes that on to his offspring.  He is fully health tested.

Nordics Adonis


Apollo is a toy, black and white, blue eyed angel.  He has the sweetest personality.  We are going to be showing him to his Grand Champion this year.  He is fully health tested.