Mini Husky Puppies for Sale

Hello and thank  you for your interest in the Alaskan Klee Kai. This is a rare breed of dog so it is not unusual to have to wait for your Klee Kai puppy.  The more specific traits you wish for in your Klee Kai can mean a longer wait.  It really depends on what mother nature gives us since  you can get any color or size in one litter.  The price for a puppy of your own ranges from 1800.00 to 2600.00 depending on what you want. So if you would like to be considered to take one of my little loves home please fill out the adoption questionnaire.  Once approved if I do not have a puppy for you at the time I will add you to my waiting list.  When a litter of the little angels arrives I will notify you.  Thank you again, Brenda.

Several Litters Available!

Persephone's Current Litter

FelicityPuppy FelicityPuppy FelicityPuppy

Contact: Brenda for more information