Female Alaskan Klee Kai:

The Nordic Mini Huskies ladies are the proud mothers and impeccable show dogs that continue to advance the breed.  Of the 8 beautiful females, some are already champions and even grand champions, while others are training hard to win the title.  I have raised each dog from a puppy so I am familiar with their attitudes and temperaments, allowing me to bond with them and train them, while also giving an indication of their puppies’ personalities.
The females’ colors and patterns vary across the possible shades, though each one shows the sought-after markings and healthy physique of a proud show dog.  Each one of the girls and any of their puppies could be grand champions and they are already loyal, clever and affectionate companions.  I look forward to seeing great things from all of them and caring for their adorable puppies just as I did with them.
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Athena’s pedigree



Klee Kai-Pepo-03205 copy

Pepo which is short for Persephone is such a loving cuddly girl born right here at Nordic Mini Huskies.  She is a standard double blue eyed Grand Champion.  She is fully health tested.
Pepo’s Pedigree


Nordics Diana



 Diana is an absolute joy to be around, she loves everyone and makes them all feel right at home when people come to visit. She is a black and white double blue eyed mini.  She produced a grand champion daughter in her first litter. She is fully health tested.

Diana’s Pedigree


Nordics Kaylee of Alasco

kaylee (1)


Kaylee came to live with us when she 18 months old.  She loves to see what is going on and follows me everywhere.  She is a small standard, black and white, double brown eyed. She is also fully health tested.


Nordics Dolly Madison


Klee Kai- Dolly-3274 copy

Dolly is a black and white double blue eyed toy.  She showed to her champion title in two shows.  In 2015 we are going to work on her grand champion.  Dolly however might not agree on the show theory since she will not concentrate in the ring, she is way too busy being busy.  Loves to meet other dogs(even outside the ring) and all the people so she has a hard time standing still.  She is fully health tested.

Dolly Madisons Pedigree


Nordics Nyx


Nyx is a grey and white, bi-eyed small mini.  She has a very soft and thick coat.  We are going to start her show career in 2015 so look for the exciting update!  She loves to play with her friends Fortuna and Nike all day out in the yard.


Nordics Fortuna


Fortuna or as we call her Tunni, is a grey and white double brown eyed standard.  In her second show, before she was a full year old, she achieved her champion title.  Her structure is very correct.  She loves to play in the yard and cuddle at night.


Nordics Nike


Nike is a grey and white, bi-eyed, small mini.  She is fully health tested.


Nordics Felicity


Felicity is a toy, grey and white, bi-eyed girl.  She is very outgoing and has such a soft, thick coat.  She is fully health tested.


Nordics Hermonia


Hermonia is a grey and white, blue-eyed, small standard.  She is a very loving girl.  She is fully health tested.


Nordics Phoebe


Phoebe is a black and white, blue eyed mini.  She is fun loving and outgoing.  She is fully health tested.