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Traveling with Klee Kai

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What to bring when traveling with your Klee Kai (or any dog for that matter)…

There is nothing better than hitting the open road with your furry companion. Be it by car or plane traveling with your furry friend not only is a bonding experience, it is fun and exciting for your dog. If there is one thing every dog loves it is vacationing with the family. I have traveled extensively with my Alaskan Klee Kai so I have learned by trial and error how best to travel with dogs.

Just as you pack for yourself you will need to pack for your pup

Bring your soft sided carry crate(small dogs), harness, leash (both short and long retractable) food, collapsible food/water bowl, treats, pee pads, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, vanilla flavor Kaopectate, syringe and doggie toys. Seems like a bit of stuff but all for good reason.

When I travel I use a harness on my pups for a couple reasons. Using the leash and seat belt you can secure them in case of an accident. If they get loose for some reason and either jump in the front seat or out the window they will not choke to death. I once stopped at a view point, it was sunny out that day so I left the windows half way down. It was only a short little walk to the view point area so I left Jordan and Kaleah in the car. When I came back two minutes later both had jumped out the window to come after me. There they were hanging by their harness’s. I cannot express how relieved I was that they were not in collars they would have choked themselves maybe even to death before I got back.

And before you ask why did you leave the window down, well anytime it is sunny out you have to leave them down, even if it is only 70 degrees out. A car in the sun will heat up to 100 degrees in as little as 5 minutes. Even on a really cool day and cracking a window does not help. Also using a harness, especially with a long leash, helps your pup from getting their legs tangled up in it. Then when you find that quite spot it is easy to just drop the leash to let your pup explore at will without fear them tripping on their leash as it hooks to their back so stays out from under your pups paws.

Afraid to let your pooch loose?

Then allow them extra freedom by using a retractable leash knowing they will not get all tangled up since your baby is in a harness.

Next I like to travel with collapsible dishes as they are easy to carry/pack. They really come in handy when you are hiking/walking since they do not take up a lot of room in your purse or pack. Towels, Pee Pad and disinfectant wipes are a must for any travel savvy pet owner. All these are geared toward cleaning up any mess that might occur. Towels are great to cover your lap or car seat when your pup is wet, dirty or gets car sick. Disinfectant wipes are dual purpose for cleaning up the car or the hotel room. Lets face it, sometimes accidents happen even with the most travel experienced dog so when you bring paper towels and wipes it is super easy to clean up any mess. Pee pads are also indispensable too. Use them in the car with puppies so they can potty or to catch any throw up. I also will put down a couple pee pads in my hotel room just in case.

I remember one time Kaleah got sick. She tried to wake me up to take her out but couldn’t therefore she went on the pee pads. I was so grateful to have put them out even though she is potty trained. It saved me the headache of cleaning the carpet.

Well that brings me to my next two items – Vanilla Kaopectate and syringe

I often find when traveling with your pet they can get an upset stomach which often leads to diarrhea. If this happens give your pup 1cc per pound of the vanilla Kaopectate (NOT Peptobismal as it contains asprin which is toxic for your dog) via syringe to settle stomach. For large dogs do not exceed 25cc. I will give up to three times if I still see diarrhea persists. Anything after that take your dog to the vet as something other than an upset stomach is going on. I remember traveling with my friend Joe and his Klee Kai Flynn. Well Flynn ate something weird out on the hike. By that night he had explosive diarrhea that night and all the next day. I was up every hour taking him out to potty. It was a nightmare….so I never will forget the Kaopectate again.

So this is the reason for bringing your own food and treats with you. Any sudden changes in diet esp with the excitement (or stress) of traveling can bring about intestinally issues. Who wants to wake up in the middle of the night to a horrid smell or a dog running circles crying to be let out to potty before it is to late. I will often get chicken and rice for my dogs when traveling it help their digestion esp if they are not eating well.

I bring a soft sided airline crate with me when traveling. If I wish to go into an establishment that might not be dog friendly my pup goes in the crate. It has a shoulder strap so I carry them with me or put the crate in a cart. I even take my babies into restaurants in their crate as no one really minds since they are not loose. In fact half the time no one even knows I have a dog with me. If you have a larger dog then a wire crate is great to travel with as it is collapsible. If you wish to go inside someplace but cannot take your dog, then set up your wire crate in the back seat, put your dog inside, roll down all the windows and leave. Just remember windows all the way down and use a crate strong enough to contain your pup.

I have to confess since I often travel with more than one of my dogs at a time I actually bring a doggie stroller for them. I love it. I can take them anywhere with me without having to carry them because even for small dogs they get heavy after a bit. It is funny to see peoples reactions when they figure out there are dogs in the stroller.

Finally, if you are traveling by airplane with your pup in cabin here are a few tips. Bring potty pads for sure. If during the flight your baby has to go potty take them into the bathroom, put the pee pad on the ground and if they have to I guarantee they will go. “How will I know if they have to potty” you ask. Simple, if you pup is whining and crying and nothing you do can quite them there is a good chance they have to potty. Bring some toys for them to play with.

For a long flight bring your collapsible water dish for when your dog gets thirsty. Do not worry about feeding them during the flight, even a long one, they will be fine without eating. Lastly do not worry if your dog just sleeps through the whole flight. They are lucky to be able to curl up for a nap while we have to sit in our chairs the whole way.