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Klee Kai Daily Lives

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I am often asked how do my Klee Kai live their daily lives.

This is a very good, very important question. It is super important to know the parents of  your Klee Kai puppy live good quality lives.  That they are loved pets first and foremost. I can guarantee all my Klee Kai are loved members of my family.

All my dogs live with me in my home. I bought a big king size bed for all of us to fit in so yes they sleep with me.  I have doggie doors so they can go into their yards to play, sunbath, take a dip in the pool or just run around.  Mostly though they just follow me around the house everywhere. I live on 50 acres surrounded by farmland so every day we spend quite a bit of time outdoors.  I also take them running on my quad which they love. We also have lots of guest come visit us so they get to meet lots of new people which the dogs love.  In fact the one comment I hear always is how friendly and outgoing my Klee Kai are.

My doggies enjoy daily treats so Costco loves us because we go through a lot of jerky strips plus doggie biscuits. I must confess to giving them more then one treat a day.  I go to the local butcher every week to get them beef joint bones to chew on.  Plus lets not forget all the doggie toys. I love to get them new doggie toys but have to confide they love cardboard boxes the best.

Please do not take my word for it all but come join us in our daily activities. You can see how they live by going to the video section on my website here or scrolling through my Facebook feed (which has the most videos).  There are lots of video of us going on outdoor adventures plus lots of video showing their day to day lives.