How to Care for Your Klee Kai

Taking Care of a Klee Kai

A pet dog can give so much love it’s only right that we take care of them in a special way, it’s important we learn how to look after a dog. Spending time with them in our homes, out on walks and with our family. A well balanced lifestyle of friendship and love will give our dogs the best quality of time and allow them to enjoy a fulfilled life.

With every aspect of a dog’s life we can ensure they have a suitable place to sleep – not too hot or cold and within a clean environment. Pet dogs usually sleep quite a lot – especially when young. On average, a dog can sleep for 12-14 hours a day.

Dogs also require good quality food, fresh water and toys to play with. Toys allow our pet’s to interact and play with their owners – A simple rubber bone or an old toy (without paint or chemicals).

Dogs require to be touched and played with on a daily basis – this ensures that they feel loved and never lonely. Take them out for a walk at least once during the day. Exercise will keep them fit and healthy and ensure they don’t become restless, overweight or have any destructive tendencies. Walking also provides exercise for owners – a win, win situation!

Training and Rewarding

When training animals, it’s important to be consistent, have a regular routine and reward your pet when it becomes obedient. After pet’s realise they can receive a reward for good behaviour, they are more likely to remember what they did and do it more and more.


Grooming and washing your dog is important both for cleaning the dog’s coat, removing dead hair and bringing out the natural oils from the dog’s fur. Start grooming when your dog is a puppy so that it grows to enjoy the grooming process. When you find the right brush or comb suitable for your dog’s fur then your pet will enjoy the experience. With slow, gentle strokes it will feel like a body massage.

Finally, treat your puppy or dog with respect and be a responsible dog owner including regular training, exercise and a healthy diet.  Your love will ensure your companion has the best quality of life!

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